Real History and Churchill

Real History and Churchill's War

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David Irving replies:
IT IS a subject I am most interested in, and I will correspond with you to your heart's content on it. I am not aware of McIver's writing, please email a copy to me if you can (or mail it to me at P O Box 1707 Key West FL 33041 USA where I shall be for a few weeks from tomorrow). I am attaching a summary of further items on the controversy, which I concluded twenty years ago.
The facts are as I laid out in my first volume on Churchill, "Churchill's War", vol. i: "Struggle for Power" (which you can download free at
I had the advantage of discussing it with the late R V Jones, chief of Scientific Intelligence at the Air Ministry, and using the diary of Churchill's private secretary Sir John Martin.
For some days Churchill had been expecting a major three-day Luftwaffe attack, codenamed MOONLIGHT SONATA.
The codebreakers had established that the secondary target was suburban London, and the tertiary target the Home Counties (...

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. I would be more impressed had Irving managed to contain his bitter personal animosity from shining through...

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even if they had didn't act on everything as game would have been given away

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